Economic Agenda: Trump v/s Biden…. The choice is clear


One of the hot topics of this year’s election is the difference in economic plans from each candidate. As a strong capitalist, President Trump has to continue to incentive business and ownership while Joe Biden makes a push towards socialism encouraging people to remain in the general labor force and rely on the government for assistance. With economic plans on opposite ends of the spectrum, it is important that we choose wisely as we cast our votes. Afterall, this is your freedom at stake. So, here’s a breakdown of each candidate’s economic plan:

Trump’s Plan: During his term, President Trump has signed legislation to cut capital gains tax to 15 percent and increase the estate tax basic exemption amount from $5 million to $10 million. He plans on introducing new legislation that will propose a cut to payroll taxes and continues to cut regulations for businesses. While Trump’s plan heavily incentivizes business ownership, it also inherently increases the number of jobs created each year. With businesses allowed to grow and flourish, they will expand and more jobs will be created. Not to mention, more people will become wealthy and create businesses of their own and employ more people. In addition to creating new jobs, President Trump is also looking to bring back jobs to the American people by bringing manufacturing back to the United States and imposing tariffs on those that don’t. He also has plans to fund on-the-job training, apprenticeships. Lastly, he wants to make major investments in infrastructure. This followed by the success of having launched the “opportunity zones” programs in 8,766 distressed areas, which, so far, have attracted $75 billion in private capital.

Biden’s plan: On the other hand, Biden wants to increase the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour and strengthen worker organizing, collective bargaining, and unions. He also has claimed that he will make racial equity part of the mandate of the Federal Reserve and will insist on strong and enforceable standards for labor, human rights, and the environment in any future trade agreements. While Biden’s plan proposes to improve the workforce, there are no strategies on how he will grow the workforce and create new opportunities. Especially since his plans also discourages business ownership. He plans on increasing taxes by $4 trillion over 10 years, specifically through nearly doubling the current tax rates for those who earn $400,000+ per year and by greatly increasing capital gains tax to the same rate as income tax. He also has strong intent on banning anonymous shell companies, expanding anti-money-laundering requirements, disclosure of beneficial ownership, and greater oversight of cross-border transactions. Since businesses are being hit hardest, it will be more difficult for them to grow and expand. Thus, no new jobs will be created. This means that the burden will be placed on the government to either create jobs or provide financial assistance to keep families afloat.

It’s evident who has the best interest of the people at hand. President Trump has been trying to rewrite the American economy and help people take control of their income., and to give people the ability to create real wealth without having to worry about being penalised by the government. Biden’s economic plan has set out to discourage people from building wealth and forces people to remain in the minimum wage workforce with limited opportunities. Ultimately, his plan incentivizes poverty and forces people to rely on government assistance. At the end of the day, money is all about freedom. If you limit one’s access to wealth, you limit their freedom. So think about it, would you rather be set up to thrive and be free to enjoy the fruits of your labor or sit around waiting for the government to give you a handout that barely allows you to survive. Thrive or survive, the choice is yours.


Capitalism: Misunderstood


Capitalism is often a misunderstood economic concept. People are so stuck on that old timey capitalism that they aren’t willing to see just how capitalism has evolved over time and can bring solutions to a lot of America’s problems. I hear all of these crazy misconceptions thrown around about capitalism all of the time. So I’ve taken the opportunity to debunk some of these popular capitalism misconceptions.

There is only one form of capitalism: There are multiple types of capitalism, the two main types being crony capitalism and conscious capitalism. Crony capitalism is what has left many people scarred. These are power hungry nuts, that don’t care about anyone but themselves. The goal for them is not to build wealth, it’s to gain power and control. On the other hand, conscious capitalism is not about a power trip. It’s about building wealth, creating freedom and empowering others to do the same. Many people fail to realize that conscious capitalism exists, this is why it has become my mission to change that. I want people to know that capitalism doesn’t have to be negative for society and it is actually the way to solve a lot of problems that we have in the US.

Capitalism will only serve to make the rich richer: Despite popular belief, capitalism is not only a rich man’s game. In fact, capitalism is the only economic setup that will allow people of ANY status to create their own wealth. As long as you’re willing to get out and compete, you can create your own opportunities. Not to mention, capitalism naturally creates job opportunities and keeps our economy revitalized. It becomes a pattern: entrepreneurs go out and create new opportunities, they hire others to help their business thrive who then in turn are inspired to create their own opportunities and hire people to help their business and so on and so forth. You have wealth being rapidly generated and more employment opportunities than ever before. Everyone that’s willing to get out there and put in the effort will ultimately make money.

Capitalism is an old way of thinking: Couldn’t be further from the truth. The beauty in capitalism is that it is a constantly evolving practice. It allows people the freedom to get creative and find new solutions to both old and new issues that our country faces. It is a way for the people to make an impact on the world rather than sitting back and letting the government control everything. It allows for collaborative efforts to find real solutions. Naturally, there is a trial and error process, but this is what allows for effective problem solving. At the end of the day, if you’re one track minded and stuck in your ways, capitalism will be difficult for you. Because it is forever evolving, it requires a certain level of adaptation and ingenuity.

Capitalists are greedy pigs: There is no doubt that some capitalists are very greedy and selfish, but that’s a personal issue and has nothing to do with capitalism itself. In fact, real conscious capitalists strive to spread wealth and empower others to be able to build financial freedom. I think a major issue is that people have become too entitled and expect things to be handed to them. Since capitalism doesn’t offer any handouts, people assume it’s because capitalists want the wealth all to themselves. However, this is not the case at all. At the end of the day, you have to work if you want to get the reward. Why? Because the more people give to you, the more they expect back and ultimately you lose your freedom.

So, yes, it’s true. Capitalism isn’t just about grumpy, old men looking to rule the world. Capitalism is about wealth creation, empowering others and most importantly freedom! Capitalism provides opportunity for any and everybody to build wealth and live the lifestyles that they want. So it’s time to stop looking to the government for a handout and go create your own opportunities because this is your way to achieving real freedom for you, for your family and for all.


Business is War


So, you think you’re ready to go into business? Well, I hope you are ready for the war of your lifetime. Building a business isn’t a simple 1…2…3 process. It is much more complex. it’s about beating the odds, it’s a war, and just as in any war, you must come prepared to fight or else it won’t turn out too well. So before you jump right in, let’s make sure you have the right weaponry in your arsenal. Check out these 3 “weapons” that you must have if you are looking to kill it in the business world.

Know your stuff: Knowledge is power and thus your most important weapon. For instance, wanna be a killer negotiator? Hit people so hard with the facts, you don’t even give them room to breathe. Not to mention, you can use your knowledge to outwit anyone that stands in your way. The goal is to totally obliviate them. That’s why it’s important that you should always be seeking new knowledge. The more you know, the more kick ass you will be!

Build an Army: Having the right team behind you is just as important as having the right commanders in an army. They are the ones to help drive you to victory. You should build a team of like-minded individuals with diverse skill sets. Afterall, you alone can’t master everything…so you should have people on your team that are strong where you are weak. Most importantly, they should all share the common goal of helping to propel your business to success.

Have a thick shield: Business is not for the weak. You have to be tough as nails and have to revamp your mindset if you want to thrive. It’s that killer mentality that will help drive you to success. There’s no room for you to let your emotions get involved. You have to drive your business through intel. Plain and simple. The world of business is cutthroat and if you’re too busy licking your wounds because your feelings are hurt, you will miss out on great opportunity.

Building a successful business is a huge task at hand. Each step of the way will be a battle that you must be prepared to fight. It won’t be easy, but then again what war is? So, before you jump at the idea of starting your own business, ask yourself …are you ready to go to war?


Have the socialists set out to destroy your family?


Under a socialist agenda, the family unit is drastically at stake as the socialists are seeking to break up families over time and create more single people who are reliant on the government for assistance.

There are numerous ways that they work to facilitate this. Whether it’s controlling your access to wealth, making you reliant on government assistance or creating eligibility problems for these programs amongst married couples, your family will financially be under constant attack.

Controls your abilities to provide: Covid-19 has brought out many of the flaws in relying on the government to tend to the needs of your family. As millions of people still remain jobless, the government has been slow to facilitate extended benefits. This has put many families at risk of homelessness and food insecurity. This is just a glimpse of the issues that widespread socialism will cause. Do you want this as your future? I’m sure you don’t. The well-being of you and your family is important. A socialist agenda will ensure that you are dependent upon the government to take care of the needs of your family. In times of need, as we have recently witnessed, you will be left out to dry with no control over creating a solution for the survival of your family. It’s scary to think that you will be helpless as your family is put out on the street and starves simply because you lack the funds to do anything about it and the government has no sense of urgency.

Incentivizes separation of family: Think about this… Socialism permits the government to solely control essential products like power and water, meaning no competition. Therefore they can set the prices as high they would like. Without competition, there’s no competitive rates. You would be forced to pay whatever they determine. Your cost of living will go up. With many people already struggling to survive on the low wages of 9-5 employment, this will force a ton of families to be reliant on the government for assistance. Here’s the catch…qualifying for these government assistance programs can be quite tricky. Essentially you must fall in what they categorize as below the poverty level. Single parent households have an easier time qualifying for these programs because there is often only one source of income coming in. Once married, if both parties are working, the household income goes up and this often makes many people ineligible for government assistance programs. Thus if you want help from the government…it’s almost best to just remain single. Yes, the eligibility requirements factors in the fact that there are two people bringing in income and adjusts the poverty line according to that. But they didn’t take into consideration that as a married couple, your expenses don’t just double, it goes up exponentially. You factor in things like children and other newfound responsibilities as a married couple and you’re often in much worse condition than people who are single and “living below the poverty line.” Logically, the government couldn’t monitor each and every person’s specific circumstance. There are millions of people to govern therefore your label as a number in the system, and not by the circumstances that surround your specific situation. For married couples, this often means that they’re rejected for benefits. With the cost of living set to rise of a socialist agenda, these family units will suffer the hardest.

Kills your ability to create wealth: As I’ve said before, the key to freedom is building wealth. Socialism inhibits your ability to create wealth, thus taking away your freedom. At most, they’ll give you just enough to survive based on their opinions of how you should live. And let me tell you, in their opinion covering the basic needs of life is all you should strive for. It’s no room for you to want the best for your family and they’ll force you into the habits of survival instead of creating the means to thrive. After all, it isn’t the government’s responsibility to make sure you are well off, it is their responsibility to keep you under control. What better way to control the people than controlling their source of income?

Burdened by the attacks of the government on your family’s financial security…is that the way you would want to live for the rest of your life? Look at the outcome of Covid-19, it has been an utter shit show. This is just a glimpse of what will be in store for the future if the socialist have their way. Your family’s well-being will be at stake here. Your family’s freedom. This isn’t the road you will want to go down. The family unit will be broken down overtime due to the hard financial hits that will be served and becoming a single will be made key for survival. Enough is enough. We must save the future of our families. We must strive to thrive beyond just survival. We must continue to embrace capitalism as a way to freedom. Enough said.


3 Financial Rules That You Can Never Break


Everyone wants to be an investor nowadays, but not everyone can do it right. Too many people are under the false impression that you just put money in and BANG millions come back out. This train of thought is laughable. If investing was that easy…everyone in the world would be crazy wealthy right now. Investment is a game of strategy and beating the odds. Too many people lack the knowledge to reap the benefits of investing and thus they make stupid mistakes. There are rules to this game, so before you put a penny into investments, make sure you know how the game goes.

As someone who has over 20 years of skin in the game, I know the investment world inside and out. I can’t tell you how many times I have witnessed people make careless decisions about where to invest their money. It’s almost sickening. But enough is enough. I am here to share with you some of the tricks of the trade I have learned over the years. If you want to succeed as an investor, check out these 3 financial rules that you can never break:

NEVER borrow money to invest: Investments are never a sure thing. It can be easy to get caught up. Sure, some investments sound great on paper, but in all actuality you never know what’s really in store. Take COVID for example. The sudden hype around the pandemic has caused major disruption to a lot of businesses. Business ideas that were once a sure thing to invest in fell flat on their face. If you had borrowed money to invest in these businesses, long story short…you’d be screwed and drowning in debt. And let’s be clear, hope and apologies won’t cover your tab. People may be willing to lend you money, but they’ll be even more eager to get it back, no matter what the circumstances are.

NEVER chase the trends: If you find yourself chasing after new trends, that just means you’re 3 steps behind. Smart investors don’t follow the trends, they look towards the future. You have to be able to see beyond the here and now. The world of business is forever evolving and what’s “in” now may not be trendy years down the line when you’ll actually reap the benefits of your investment.

NEVER let your emotions play a role: The fact is investing is a cold blooded, unforgiving game. You have to approach each opportunity with fact and logic. If you get caught up in your emotions, you’re sure to lose money. Just because something is near and dear to your heart doesn’t mean it will be as gracious to your bank account. At the end of the day, you’re not investing as an act of kindness, you’re investing to make money. You have to be cut-throat in your decision making if you really want to see financial prosperity. Afterall, this is investing not a charity case.

Now is the best time to invest, but you must do so thoughtfully otherwise you’ll end up losing a ton of money. What investor wants to do that? However, if you avoid these 3 financially fatal mistakes, you’ll thrive as an investor. At the end of the day, no investment is a sure thing, but you gain an advantage by being smart about where you are investing. Investment is not for the faint of heart, weak minded or “get rich quick” type of person. You have to be cut-throat, knowledgeable and willing to put in the time to achieve the results you are looking for.

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