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We are under spiritual attack. Are you prepared for war?


It’s time to wake up and face the truth. We are under attack, but I am not talking physical combat here. We are in the midst of a spiritual warfare. Wasting your days in front of the TV, or at the hand of physical and mental temptations – you are becoming more and more ill-equipped, unprepared, or simply not aware of what we’re up against. It’s easy to miss the things we can’t physically see, but it’s not ok to maintain a willful ignorance. If you don’t open your eyes soon, this will be your greatest downfall.

Essentially, there are 5 signs that show we are under spiritual attack right now:

  1. Sudden or extreme onslaught of various troubles, losses, and trials
  2. Attacks of physical danger, illness, life-threatening loss
  3. Increased temptation and luring towards sin or wrong choices
  4. Feelings of overwhelming despair, darkness, and fear
  5. Deep confusion, feelings of condemnation and guilt, dulled spiritual awareness

Between COVID, race riots, extreme natural disasters and a plethora of other things striking our nation, the signs are all there. As a whole, we are facing nation wide disparity. Businesses are shutting down and people are losing their jobs left and right with nowhere to turn. Mass amounts of people are dying due the global pandemic, not to mention the people dying at the hands of idiots that can’t seem to understand that every human life holds value. Media outlets are using propaganda and widespread manipulation tactics to cause chaos and pit the world against one another. Wildfires, climate change, killer bees, dust bowls, the list goes on and on.

Needless to say, there is a growing sense of fear in the air, but it’s time to let go of fear and allow God to protect us all. No longer shall we be subject to mind manipulation and mental anguish. No longer shall we direct our energy into picking fights with one another. This is a battle that we cannot fight with our hands. We must sharpen our minds and strengthen our spiritual connection. We must reach a point of true enlightenment.

At this point, you may be asking yourself, “what is it that I can do to win this battle?”

  1. First and foremost you must pray! You can’t win in spiritual warfare without a relationship with God. God invites us all to build a relationship with him, but it is up to you to openly seek it.
  2. You must educate yourself. This will help you be able to separate fact from fiction and protects you from falling victim to mental manipulation. There is power in knowledge.
  3. Limit your media consumption. Media outlets use propaganda to mislead you into making poor decisions. They are not there to inform you of what’s real, but they aim to control your mind and limit your way of thinking.
  4. Meditate. This will allow you to let go of the chaos of the outside world and become more in-tune with what’s within. This is a way to detach from the world, strengthen your soul and detox yourself of all the negativity that is constantly poured into you.

It’s time to let go of the hostility towards each other and realize the real enemy at hand here is greater than any physical being. Let’s look beyond what is set before our eyes and understand that spiritual warfare is a battle that we must fight with a different approach. Rejuvenate your mind and soul and prepare to protect ourselves at all cost. This is your future at stake here, it is up to you to decide whether or not you are ready to take back control.

So ask yourself, are you prepared to fight war?

If you’re not sure what you can do, start by gaining knowledge!

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