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Wake Up America: An Attempt To Push Out Capitalism


Going into this year, if someone were to tell you that you’d lose your job or your business would be shut down, you’d be sentenced to isolation within your home and you’d be left struggling to find a way to support your family, all under the enforcement of martial law, you’d probably think it was a sick joke. However, we’re 5 months into the year and what sounds like some sort of twisted movie, the plot has become a reality for millions of people across the country.

There’s no denying that COVID-19 is a serious matter and there are people who are high risk like the elderly and people with compromised immune systems. But perhaps, the biggest threat to everyone else is the socialist and anti-Trump agenda that Democrats are attempting to push upon us. They’ve flooded the media in an attempt to instill fear in the public and forced unconstitutional orders on citizens disguised as measures of protection. They’ve mandated people to stop working and small businesses to shut down and pacified those effected with empty promises to supplant funds. They’ve attempted to upset the economy and take control of our daily lives, yet used the global pandemic as a distraction to cover their tracks. Make no mistake about it; money is first and foremost about freedom. If you take control of people’s access to money, you take away their freedom.

However, their plans of tyranny are slowly becoming unraveled as people can start to see through the wool they tried to pull before our eyes. People are beginning to recognize that this is nothing more than an attempt to push out capitalism in the US and implement a socialist construct. And for those of you who have yet to recognize what’s happening, you have to wake up! Learn to think for yourself and stop allowing people to spoon feed you bullshit.

States have been pushing unlawful orders upon their citizens backed by threats of fines, jail time and even the deployment of the National Guard in extreme cases. What they failed to let everyone know is that these orders are merely suggestions that have not been through the legislative processes to effectively make them law. Not mention, they would never hold up in the Supreme Court as many of the orders are direct violations of our constitutional rights. These orders have caused millions of people to lose their jobs (unemployment rates haven’t been this high since the Great Depression) and millions of small businesses to close (possibly permanently). This is the equivalent to ripping out the spinal cord of our economy. One of the great trends we’ve been witnessing since 2010 has been what you might call the democratization of entrepreneurship. This is where entrepreneurs don’t care about pedigree. Entrepreneurial communities are networks, not hierarchies. Openness, the free flow of information, the lack of community gatekeepers, and entrepreneurs as leaders are hallmarks of these networks. As a result, the fundamental tenants that underpin these networks is a decreased emphasis on pedigree, background, and connections. However, the economic reset that the democrats are trying to force upon us has the potential to wipe this philosophy out. These entrepreneurial networks are breaking down because small businesses are having to close left and right. Since most of the entrepreneurs have bootstrapped their way to success, they don’t have mommy and daddy to fall back on when their business is mandated to close. They don’t have investors kissing their ass and throwing them money as a sales tank.  And do you think the big corps that are progressively doing well in this atmosphere is passing along info that could potentially save these small businesses? Absolutely not! Therefore, the entrepreneurs that are most likely to overcome adversity and find success during this time are the ones with high pedigree and powerhouse connections.

Stripping the country of capitalism is just a part of the socialist agenda. The other part is gaining more control over the people. They disguise this as these grand gestures of government assistance. In this instance, it’s been a lot of half-ass promises of relief checks mailed to citizens and forgiven loans granted to businesses. But as we watch this play out, we can clearly see how these government-funded systems are breaking down. Millions of people have lost their jobs and have no way of bringing in income to support their families. They’ve turned to their state government for unemployment assistance. If you thought the process was going to be quick and painless, think again. Over half of the people who’ve filed claims still haven’t received their benefits and of those who have, many are not receiving nearly as much as they were promised to begin with. And for many of those households waiting for UE benefits, that oh so sacred stimulus check could barely take care of mortgage or rent payments, let alone pay for utilities, supplies, and groceries. Not to mention, there are still many people who haven’t received a stimulus check at all. On the flip side, small businesses are ready to open back up and give people the opportunity to earn income once again, but are struggling to survive themselves. Near the beginning of this, they were met with promises of PPP and disaster loans to help sustain their businesses and prevent layoffs. That was short-lived. By mid-April, the 370 billion dollars in funding set aside for small businesses had run out. And it’s to no surprise that hundreds of millions of dollars had gone to large, publicly-traded corporations instead, leaving the “little guys” to fend for themselves. So even as orders lift, many of these small businesses will be closed forever.

However, since people have began to step up and call out these left-winged socialist on their bullshit, we’re seeing the opportunity for capitalism to prevail once again. People have began to see that the best way to survive what has now transitioned from a health pandemic to a financial crisis is to fend for themselves instead of relying on the government. Workers are protesting to get back to work and many businesses are eager to re-open. Their cries aren’t going unheard. President Trump has done a great job of outlining guidelines so that states can begin to re-open, giving them the opportunity to restart the economy while also keeping their citizens safe. States are beginning to open back up in phases, allowing for small businesses to take the necessary steps to regain their financial footing and allowing workers to get their jobs back. Ending the lock-down is merely the first step to rebuilding after a time of great disparity. Let’s be clear, nobody is talking about going back to exactly where we were. However, the point is to move forward and empty promises and vague guidelines won’t get the job done.

It’s time for action.