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Healthcare in 2018: A Story of Unmet Needs

By: Christopher Fey

A few months ago, we at the Financial Policy Council published an analysis of the U.S. healthcare industry, where we explained that the private healthcare sector must take the lead in digitizing the industry, and adopt blockchain technology to process and streamline data into solutions. While opportunities in healthcare are and will be ubiquitous for […]

Family office growth and governance

By: Astrid F. Kowlessar

Family offices are powerful, a financial force to contend with. Even many in the financial world have yet to understand the family office’s sheer influence, especially when retail investing, private equity and venture capitalism have the limelight. The family office has deliberately preferred to remain relatively incognito when it comes to announcing investment and wealth […]

Future of the VC Industry

By: Zana Nesheiwat

FROM DISNEYLAND TO VC MANOR Imagine gallivanting across Disneyland on a sunny March afternoon as the delightfully consuming scent of a fresh batch of popcorn kernels pop to perfection. The popcorn maker sits adjacent to the churros chariot that you’ve been evading all afternoon. Yet, this isn’t any ordinary trip to The Happiest Place on […]

The Blueprint for Community Banks in a Digital World

By: Paul Vancea

Historically, community banks have been the pillar for any community, as they take care of the needs of the local businesses and families. They have been instrumental in helping the American economy recover from the 2008 financial crisis, as they are highly capitalized and better prepared to withstand an economic crisis than their larger counterparts. […]

Bitcoin: Drawing the Line Between Investors and Gamblers

By: Ziad K. Abdelnour

People who bought and held their .01 bitcoins from 2010 could have enjoyed an increase in value of 119,999,900 percent. If you spent $100 on the most popular digital currency then and didn’t sell or lose your fortune to hackers, your electronic coins might be worth about $120 million today. Those are pretty incredible returns, and […]

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